Mobility Hub

Multimodal Mobility services

Our digital Mobility Hub services can change the way people use different modes of transport.

Smart Mobility

Digital Mobility Hub services have the potential to improve the traveller experience substantially.

Mobility Hub API

With our Mobility Hub API you can connect and enhance partner websites or other mobility services with relevant mobility information and data.

More and more people are planning their route every day, avoiding the congestion in the morning on their trip to work with the subway and tram, in order to start cycling and car sharing in the evening.

With integrated real time transport information, services can improve the reliability and the user experience of public transport services.

Our Mobility Hub API provides REST as well RPC style Data APIs that allows external websites and services to interface with JSON and XML format over secure HTTPS connections.

Mobility Hub Services

Mobility hubs are places of connectivity where different modes
of travel — walking, biking, transit, and shared mobility options — come together in one place to help people make connections quickly and get to where they need to go.

Our Mobility Hub Services provide technologies that can work together to make it easier for people to connect to transit, while also providing them with more transportation options overall for shared cars, scooters, eBikes, electric vehicles and smart parking technology. Each feature can be tailored to the unique needs of an individual Mobility Hub.

Features Services Backoffice

Users can select travel options based on personal preferences, such as cost or convenience
Travellers can re-gain control over their own journey time and make adaptive choices
Overcrowding and congestion can be avoided, which improves traveller comfort
Travellers can make productive use of journey time by accessing online services as they travel
Mobility Services

Bike sharing
Dynamic Parking Management
Real-time traveler information
Microtransit services
Realtime Wayfinding
Mobility Hub Analytics

The integrated Mobility Hub Analytics tool will provide  analytics data to seize Opportunities for your city.

Turn your smart Mobility Hub data into meaningful information and find insights within your data with the reporting tools such as pivot charts, spreadsheets, and dashboards.

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Excel, XML, CSV, PDF
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Excel, XML, CSV