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Last updated: 08 November 2016

How to ensure you choose the best SEO COMPANY CAPE TOWN

When choosing an SEO company Cape Town the best way to insure you return on investment is to make sure the seo company you select are specialists in what you need. You would not let just any guy who loves cars to service yours would you? Of course not for his love for cars does not ensure that he is equipped for the task

 Don’t make the following mistake when selecting a SEO COMPANY CAPE TOWN

seo company cape town

Your business / company is one of the most important things in your life. For most it helps maintain a desired lifestyle and makes provision for the future.

All over the world business are realising that the one size fits all approach no longer cuts it in the Digital marketing  and SEO space. The competition is fierce only the smart survive. in the rat race unfortunately still make  the mistake that will come to haunt them in the future. The mistake they make when choosing a seo services company is that they fail to distinguish between a specialist and a jack of all trades seo services company.

Jack of all Trades vs SEO Specialist .

The Jack of all Trades SEO Firm :

Does SEO and Web-Design

Does various forms of Marketing

Will take on any Job even if its beyond their scope of expertise

Does allot well but is not great at many things

You get where i’m going with this correct


The SEO Services Company – Specialist :

Works Mainly with SEO & other related Digital Marketing

Specialises in your target market eg Cape Town residents)

Owns online properties in and around your niche

Has built up a relationship with stake holders in your area

Has experience in Ranking Cape Town Based Businesses

Has worked within your niche for an extended period

Knows the approximate cost for SEO in your niche and how long it might take to rank

Lives in the city you are targeting


Without going in to much detail i’m sure you can see why its best to go with a seo company that specialises in what you need that being said we specialise in Cape Town , if your client base is largely in Cape Town we are the SEO company  you should be going with.

If you still unsure about Choosing as your seo services company check out this page and thereafter this page.


Thanks for reading this far if you still unsure what SEO actually is and how it works checkout this video below from a company called  search engine land which perfectly explains what seo is.


Last updated: 08 November 2016

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